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When I am not doing custom pieces I am usually working for other contractors, installing cabinets and trim. I post my custom work here.
Our current projects are taking us out into Spring 2016, but we'll look at new projects for after that.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Fallen Timbers Project

Here are the before and after pics of our most recent project out at a home near Fallen Timbers in Waterville, OH.

In the first 5 pics, you can see we started with basically a blank slate in the basement...

Future media room

Stairs and bath to the left of that

Play room area

After completion, we've transformed this unfinished basement to a completely finished, useful, and safe area to be in the home!

Play room

French doors lead to the Media Room

The Media Room features a black built-in cabinet.
The entire room is insulated for sound. 
Once the lights are out, all you'll see is the big screen!

Electronics are going in

A better picture of the true color of this room

Added a bath to this basement play space!

Porcelain tile floor

This unfinished basement turned into an awesome family space!

This was a start to finish job, including - framing, insulation, drywall, texturing, painting multiple colors, doors, trim work, built-in cabinetry, drop ceiling work, plumbing, electrical, media hookups, carpeting, tile and grout work, and more. If you're thinking about a project like this, please call or email me, and we'll sit down and discuss what we can do for you!

Monday, June 15, 2015

1430 Vassar, Toledo, OH

Just finished, this home was pretty much completely gutted down to the studs.  Most everything is new, done by me and my crew, to include windows, doors, floors, electrical, plumbing, heating, drywall, painting, finishes, cabinets, glass mosaic backsplash, and more...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scribing a trapped shape - the tick stick method

I wanted to share an article, actually the only one I've found on the web, regarding how to scribe a trapped shape, or a shape that is closed on two ends.  This is the method I use, and it's very accurate!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Closet Mega-Upgrade! - Sylvania, Ohio

I've just finished an upgrade to an entry closet.  The closet is 6' wide, and is at the entry door from the garage.  The idea was to make a bench seating area, with storage and coat hooks.  Here are the before and after pics...


And After!

This area now features a wide bench area, which will eventually have a custom cushion made for seating.  Below the bench is open for shoe storage. The back and side walls have been upgraded to bead board.

Above the bead board is a double shelf, separated by arched supports in between, and arched and blocked lower decorative corbels that match. There are a total of 6 double hooks for hanging up your coats as you enter the home.

No longer simply a coat closet, this area has been mega upgraded to a totally useful entryway. There's no doubt that this will become the hub of everything coming and going in this home!  If you're thinking about improvements like this in your own home, please send me an email here.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bay window improvements - Sylvania, OH

Here's a before and after picture set of a neat little project I finished up today.  The customer needed a place for all of her plants, and this bay window area is a perfect spot!


 and after...

 This new space measures almost 12' wide, and is 18" deep - now it's a great plant space, and makes this bay window area totally useful!